Struggling Bengal: Elections to Ideologies

By: Akshay Dutt Tiwari

I believe that every research is based on finding ‘an Exact or adjacent reason behind the cause’. For ‘Exact’ need that capacity to present the fact before. When it makes a beautiful chain between reason♻️cause➡️ facts become mirror itself. Once we get the fact that is real, transparent and practical, we have to accept as it is and there is no need of contestation. However, contestation again lead us to the same process and make us more curious, isn’t it?

Once, I was sitting with a Professor (Banaras Hindu University), near Sarnath and with every sip of coffee I was thinking (soliloquy), “What was the purpose of schooling or college life?” The professor sitting on the chair next to me, relating and connecting with my book Language and Mentality, (by making facial expressions) inquisitively asked me, “Why there’s too much political vociferation in Bengal, while in other part of country sounds not so? Are they all…or what…?” This question was like one of the opportunities to keep my concern and observations. I said, “No, but their history is responsible for that”.

They are proud of their history “Banglar Itihas” based on “Hujjat-e-Bangla”. At the same time, we should not forget our Indian history when British ruled almost the whole India strategically for a long after establishing major capital in Bengal (undivided Bengal then). Hujjat-e-Bangla is one of the causes of those times whether you believe or don’t. It was like friction which created the fire and the smoke can be seen so far.

If you are so active on social media, before considering ‘Hujjat-e-Bangla’, we have to discern how a political fallacy displayed in the market by those Bengalis, for instance, if they are against a national party- BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party). You can get many instances when you go back and just remind that 17th Lok Sabha Election, 2019.

I revealed some important points here which I noticed during the Lok Sabha election period in 2019. What I noticed that how an overall vote acclamation was taking place in Bengal in favor of TMC (Trinmool congress) on erroneous environment.

  • It was the effect of BJP’s victory in 2019 Lok Sabha election that whatever political propagandas opposition parties applied, returned back to them. In those times, the so called intellectuals who were using the word ‘useful idiots’ strategically to point out others, now practically proving themselves the same.
  • As far as politics is concerned, TMC (Trinmool congress) in Bengal and other parties are highly dominated by BJP. I accept that CPM (another parties in Bengal) is also the supporter of BJP but since, affected by (originated) Trinmool Bengali mentality (unfortunately), limited to specific state (artificial criteria). I knew, chances were, after BJPs coming in center (central gov.), mostly BJP supporting CPM members would merge with BJP. That’s what happened. TMC party realized the fact and so, they started applying a kind of politics which I named ‘Pet Politics’. A politics to divert and distract the BJP supporters during the election times (particularly through social media).
  • Pet politics’ is nothing but it was the general concept I made when I observed that people can manipulate and persuade others by fondling their pet (any pet) in the era of technology and how an opposition can affect the election by applying those tactics. And I observed they (TMC and other low competent parties) used to apply this politics in the evening time after the day clamour. This is prevalent in today’s era. And I saw it all happening during those times on social networking sites. It was not a new thing for me when people used to send pictures of dogs and cats etc. shown fighting each other wherein one side was favoring one party and other side other.
  • During the election, interestingly, whole TMC member started lifting their state political head with the epitome of “Tigress” in order to win the election but they were probably unconscious with the fact that side by side her “Tigress” attitude was lifted by media to make her against BJP. I hope she (Ms. Mamta Banerjee) accepted the truth.
  • Later on, it was the date 14-05-2019, when goons vandalized one of the oldest statues of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (a renowned philosopher) in Kolkata University campus during Mr. Amit Shah (present, Home Minister) compellation rally.
  • In Bengal, they did not realize that their activities in order to create the riots during the rally would harm their party, the votes and above all, the harmony of the state. That’s what happened exactly. Now, it was the time to just wait and watch after the incident took place. But the incident worked as a fuel. And they started the vicious propaganda against a national party (BJP) with posters, pamphlets and banners…etc.
  • I strictly mark this party (TMC) is not eligible and worthy to become a national party at all, even in upcoming future in my presence. It was my small operation (not counting the contribution) to make public aware at that time. Anyway. I hope it’ll surely benefit BJP for the long run.
  • Despite of all political propagandas and allegations, finally when time came, after vote counting, everybody including opposition had nothing left to do except accepting the truth i.e. BJPs victory with big votes. Though, their propagandas had no end even after facing the big gross defeat. Further they started raising the matter of EVM machine fault.
  • BJP thwarted all their proactive strategies. Propagandas remained propagandas. The opposition parties satisfied with their tricks and propagandas and we, with the victory. That was how the Lok Sabha election 2019 was the great example and the lesson for the Bengal and other states and parties. Today we can use another appropriate word ‘Barking idiots’ for those intellectuals, isn’t it? But Bengal got a lesson that TMC (or any state party or incompetent party) = Only Bengal (limited to a specific state), whereas, BJP = Nation (leading and representing the nation as a whole).

You know, like or dislike is a personal matter on the basis of our own choice and preferences. So, everybody has their own choice too, when they think of choosing which political party to vote for. But, on political ground it’s not like that. As a separate entity, I see an image of a national party leading the whole nation as a totally balanced and dominant party (global PR) in all ways and criteria.

So, above are some points I noticed at that time (in almost all states) and even today the points are adding some way or other with present scenario in Bengal. Instead of saying Bengal a political sphere, it’s better to say, Bengal the sphere of negative political propagandas.

Now, the notion of BJP and Hindutva is almost similar in their mind. Their Jumlas (propagandas) applied on themselves after the victory of BJP and their sarcastic tweets and posts proved without sense and foresightedness. And, when there’s a talk of Hindutva and BJP, must not forget the stronghold, which they are fearful of, i.e. RSS (Rashtriya swayamsevak sangh).

It has also been seen during the election period that many posted and tweeted against Hindu and other ideologies blend with various misconceptions whatever came in their mind and mould all against BJP. Sometimes, one’s way of worshipping was compared with others way of worshipping…All that triggered in political field to ‘grab the chair’.

Let me explain you further elaborately…Examples of these types of traits and symptoms you can find clearly in Bengalis (mostly), mostly in Bengal region. You know, what they do, if they don’t share their own stuff (or don’t mind their own business) they share or create any fake news, tweets etc. and give a weird caption while knowing that stuff is already fake. But all those tricks and tactics they have been applying either to hammer any matter unnecessarily by focusing on the same, to make others fool, to compete, or they find themselves in the ‘same state’. What they get by sharing and connecting whole herd with fake stuffs? Nothing, but what shall I say, seduction, illusion and fallacy. Anyway.

Now, after sharing the fake stuffs and post related with the national party (BJP) and then connecting those posts with Hindutva (ideology) and then further correlating that ideology with cow-urine to revile a BJP person- urine drinker and blah blah (just because one who is describing the medicinal properties of cow-urine (Ayurvedic), belongs to the national party). Even I observed many non-religious Bengalis (mostly those belong to Trinmool congress) tried making other religious Bengalis (particularly BJP supporters), non-religious. Resulted, some of the innocent Bengalis started denying religion due to misconceptions and misinformation. So, environment is nothing but the surroundings.

Bitter but Better: Neem

For political innocents, Hindutva and Hinduism, Islam and Islamism, brahmin and Brahmanism, etc. have almost same notion whether in normal sense or especially when they fight against, by making political agendas. Now, they condemn or revile Brahmanism (correlating with Hindutva). It’s like saying, “I dislike cow-dunk but I like dairy product” or “I like flowers but not thorn”. What’s the point there in disliking which is already disliked (understood). You see, how it goes without sense. So, believe me (or if you don’t believe, no matter, but next generation wouldn’t deny the fact), there is no such thing as Anti-Brahmanism. If they say they are Anti-Brahmanism, that’s called brahmano phobia actually. Brahmanism itself is the concept against Brahman, Brahmanatva and the ideology. May be, at one side, people call it Brahmanism or Hinduism by spreading good about Brahman or Hindu ideology. But on the other side, fact is, Brahmanism connotes the misconception and negative politicization of the ideology in this competitive era of political science and technological advancement. And even, the so called educated are going with the wrong semantics in their mind. I’m not bragging here but you don’t have to be sensitive enough to understand this. Just brood over the psychology behind those ideologies, you’ll get what I’m saying. Some write on their bio or share repeated posts upon Brahmanism, while some who don’t even know about their forefathers, find adjusting or adjudging themselves in Aryan and Non-Aryan to explain their level of politics. Hilarious but pity. Fortunately, Brahmanatva and Hindutva is not affected by all that. But in political field, this type of political fights and issues become popular in Bengal (as you can see during elections) apart from Rabindro shangeet, Rashogulla (sweet dish in Bengal) or the Red-light area

Question on existence must also be taken into account when religious beliefs and values used as a bootlicking political tools only. What is the existence of person, place and politics without religious and spiritual ground? In my way, somehow that’s the reason affecting the overall peace and harmony or shall I say, political and religious disbalance.

So, the Hindutva-BJP agenda actually triggered, which take place as turmoil ever and anon in Bengal. They create that imbalanced atmosphere even today. They target Hindutva because of BJP, and vice-versa. You know, it’s like saying, when flower doesn’t bloom, they fix the environment in which it grows. I hope you are stepping towards ‘Hujjat-e-Bangla’.

They are limited to that much and whatever comes and goes in mind, they just vomit. On social sites like facebook too, they give weird caption and comment box is like vomit box facilitated to them to vomit as much as they can. How foolishly they connect the political parties (particularly a national party) with such and such ideologies or things to revile a religion or political parties in this era of modernity and advancement. In any sphere, mostly their focus is to induce a strain over any subject in gatherings. That’s ridiculous. Indirectly, it reveals their limitations. With illusion in mind they try to play politics on ground and pollute the whole ambience. This I have been observing for the last many years.

In due course of time, it become process and come in habit. However, with every slap of advancement they are upgrading and uplifting day by day slowly and gradually and I hope they will come out of that superficial blindness of Ma Mati Manush. Ma Mati Manush is a nice saying in Bangla, no doubt, but you see, the notion made in their mind is generally wrong i.e. limited only to the specific region and community but not for the whole country, in broader sense.

Bangla proud or Bangla shout?

So, nowadays, “Ma Mati Manush” is just a political shout and spirit and nothing else. If people understand wrong and limited to that much, obviously they politicize wrong too. This is generally what happening in Bengal. This is what it is. But we have to understand, this must not happen in other part of the country. This is not the condition everywhere in the country in fact. Bengal is the exception. “Our honourable Ex-president, Late Mr. Pranab Mukherjee was such a rare personality who was not bound in such superficialities and biases”, (soliloquy). Or, even you’d hardly find any Bengali living in other state unlike those.

As they are stuck and bound with their “Banglar Itihas” (history of the land), it’s also a matter of observation that in which ratio they use “Jai Bangla” and in which ratio, “Jai Hind” or other national slogans, being a national citizen. At the time of any national festival you can notice what I observed and revealed here. I majoritarily found them peevish saying “Jai Hind”, “Jai Bharat” even without being asked to utter. Instead, most often I find them using the “Jai Bangla” on such occasions. Even I rarely find them using the word “Hindustan” in their conversations. Absurdly or anguishly, they connect Hindustan with Hindu-Hindi and all that compact ideas they got generally from their teachings or surroundings. It may sound normal but if you observe these issues in majority, you’d find that there is a dissension. I’m not picking hole but I found little arrogance in place of national feeling for the nation (mother land) in them. And most probably that is again due to their wrong notion for the nation (mother land) made in their mind from teachings. For them, ‘Mother land’ means Bengal land to what they say, “Banglar Bhumi” or “Banglar Mati”. This all may be also the effect due to the Bengal partition then (East Bengal i.e. Bangladesh and the West Bengal).

It seems that at some point they got defeated or dominated in the past history, some way or other, due to that they have been following the path of protests and processions, mostly, as if something making them turmoil for any right or something they are not aware about even being conscious. And that’s why I find this clashing mentality in the generations after the partition took place then, as an affect. Historically, one can go through two important dates i.e. 1905 and 1971. It was really a breaking down moment for India. However, as far as overall common relation between Bengalis and Bangladeshis (after division) is concerned, there is a colloquial Maarvari saying (in Rajasthani dialect), “धान खावे माटी को, गीत गावे भीरा को” (Dhan khave mati ko, geet gave bhira ko), which means- Being fed on one’s own land but praising neighbor’s land. So, some people see the relation between Bengal and Bangladesh in that way. But I still see the sign of brotherhood in them. They share their similar sentiments. Because it’s also true that in the past history they had gone through similar tragedies and survival.

I think advancement doesn’t mean getting appointed somehow and working in a profession, earning for livelihood and sharing the world news updates cleverly and limited to ‘Machh-Bhat’ (fish-rice food or flesh-food). I believe advancement must concerned with mental advancement with broader sense.

You see, if two options you keep and ask them (particularly native political Bengalis) to choose between shouts and silence, majoritarily, they would choose the former one i.e. shouts. I mean, practically you can observe that. They always have something to shout on, though they are not directly responsible for because that’s the mentality transferred to them by their ancestors and past circumstances.

Similarly, earlier may be “Hujjat-e-Bangla” enthusiastically applied for Freedom movements but today, we can’t deny the fact that “Hujjat-e-Bangla” has its negative impact on native protesting Bengalis and is merely a famous saying only on their protesting mind (turmoil). While ‘Hujjat’ they again play different politics that is ridiculous. A writer, Bimalcharan Deb has written somewhere, “If you talk of turmoil, there is no place on the earth which can outdo Bengal”. So, Hujjat itself means turmoil. Turmoil whether it’s pin or plane, hair or nail, fighting, protesting, and so forth…

Kiddingly we say they protest to digest their food and get back to home. Sometimes you find them protesting for Bangla language near English medium school running quietly as usual;or sometimes you find them enforcing radio offices to run Bangla Gaan (Bengali songs) on FM radios where they entertain everybody in many ways. Should anyone bound an entertainer in these limits to play and entertain in irrelevant specific criteria? Obviously, the answer would be no. I mean, if I like Punjabi songs to listen, I change the channel to listen or if my mood is to listen any French melody, I have option to listen that too. But it doesn’t mean that I should start protesting if songs are not played as per my native language.

Similarly, there are many Bengalis who come to sell Idly-Sambhar (south Indian dish) in my street daily morning. Should I stop them selling that just because I like Uttapam or Dosa? It’s not fair, I mean, that is how it leads to hooliganism. And, in Bengal you’ll often find those protesters in group, so called ‘Bengal tiger’ group or whatever. They promote hooliganism and assume themselves powerful or educated.

Political mind run their processions and campaigns, objurgate BJP and Hindutva or against any language, for this and that but they hardly run their campaign to disclaim or demolish that big and popular red-light area in Bengal i.e. Shona Gachhi.

Here, I’d say, team building is good but mindful team is best. Otherwise, on wild discovery most often I watched hyenas in group searching for hunt and suddenly a lion caught and killed one of them. What is the role of so-called lions/tigers (kingpins) in their gang, they promote their team and hide themselves or abscond after reviling any historical monuments, heritage or culture or famous statues of other places…? It’s shameful in itself when they go the whole hog, sometimes without any sense with ‘Joyyyy Banglaaa’ (just like political Jai shri ram slogan…but Jai shri ram is politically more benefited than other slogans comparatively). It’s like making a long burp after finishing the food.

In Bengal you don’t have to search for the material or props to shout on, you get that easily if you are familiar with Bengal and if you are that much interested. Is there any side effect? This clicking question may arise in between. The side effect is that some way or other you encircle yourself with fakery and day comes when you start claiming a true story, wrong. I mean little bit you lost your abilities to differentiate facts and fakes. The play of mentality begins here. Now you are late to understand because it becomes your trait. It’s true that a rice grain on the lid of the clay pot is enough to tell the condition of whole rice cooking inside but there must be rice outside and inside both to check, instead of pulse grain on the lid. Are you getting my point? “Yeah exactly”, she (Professor) replied astoundingly. What I want to say is that, being a part of those Bengalis (native political Bengalis) so as to get familiar to them keenly to understand their mind is necessary. If you got three or four such mind, that is enough. You see, economic condition changes time to time but change in mentality takes time.

Ever and anon, their politics and ideologies insult them and their regions or state and they are not aware of before showing fingers at other regions or states. In this concern, their colleagues or family members living other states for a long time must awake them first. And, it’s irrelevant to bring the past quotes of any writer of 60-70 years back and connect today to differentiate any state’s economy and culture by sidelining the actual present scenario. A historian Ramchandra Guha did so a few days back. In June he tweeted the Philip Spratt quote of 1939, “Gujarat, though economically advanced, is culturally a backward province…Bengal in contrast is economically backward but culturally advanced.” A big question mark on the historian. Now, if you find any Bengali sharing that tweet to their tweeter or facebook timeline by pulling Mr. Guha their side, you could guess which direction the wind blows. They might be favoring the historian little bit due to this Guha (surname). Here again, I’d say that economic conditions change time to time but change in mentality takes time.

The whole critical observations are not merely for identifying the “Bhadralok” or “Nimnlok” as per their definition and concepts but also to find an appropriate word for their backwardness.

The concept of “Bhadralok” and “Nimnlok” is not how they generally describe in each other. “Bhadralok” doesn’t mean those who are living in urban places. They may be fortunate living in urban society. And, “Nimnlok” doesn’t mean those who are living in slum or rural area. That is the wrong concept in a very first view. That may be a kind of self-praising definition to give oneself a Bhadralok feel. But actually “Bhadralok” are simply the people who are educated one in real sense (not educated fool).
So, let’s not bound in the box of Bhdralok and Nimnlok but, wisdom says, mindful won’t go for turmoil. That’s it. They play a vital role in making good civil society while knowing the distinction between noise, peace and harmony.

Last but not the least, firstly, everybody has to learn that whole nation is one (united) and be it Bengal or any state, is the part of one nation. And whichever party governing the whole nation at present (Bhartiya Janta Party), people have to accept that being a countryman. That’s also the sign of nation, national and nationality. Otherwise there’s no point in bootlicking for specific caste, creed and community to create impolite, furious, or even vehement ambience all around.

The Professor said (by taking long breathe after listening the whole), “hofff…that’s exactly the point to be considered and the root cause…Thanks.”

“Thanks for listening me”, I smilingly replied.

Jagbe pakhi gaibe Gaan, Notun Diner Ahoban…Jegechhe surjo debe alo, Agami dingulo sabar katuk bhalo

(This article is an open-eye observation with cognizance, done by keeping a vast majority whose mind and mentality and perception found same or similar, for a long period of time, as other members of the majority. I’m well aware of the fact and I hope that those (Bengalis) who already caught themselves according to the facts in the article, will try to adjust or change oneself accordingly. Now it’s up to the people to observe the above points practically).


Right or Wrong : what’s the Ugly Truth?

Akshay Dutt Tiwari

Nowadays during election if we make propaganda against Bjp, obviously most people will like our comments on facebook because mostly people focus on outraging the issues of past happenings (demonetisation)instead of the fact coming ahead…Even it seems,they don’t want to listen the fact…

Why I’m saying so?

Fact is, there’s no place for other such loose parties(please don’t take any party personally)…So either Bjp or Rahul’s Congress,for Kendr

Fact is Bjp is the dominating party and other parties are just issues and propaganda making parties according to Bjp,so far…

But they dont want to listen the ‘fact’ coming ahead…Rather they prepare another propaganda to distract public to vote against Bjp,isnt it?

One thing we should always remember that there’s a difference between– issues,propaganda and the fact,especially at the time of elections.

Now if we talk about issues like black money or think of 15 lakhs in our account(taking shape of rumour)out of 100, more than 50 will like our comments on facebook because most of them are crying for the same…They remember the outrage of demonetisation of those times(which was the fact of a particular period)…

The same demonetisation issue will take the shape of propaganda(repetition)until we slap that propaganda by our appropriate response…now come to the fact(we can say- ugly truth).

Here we can raise the question if we don’t know the fact- question during election- which party is coming in the centre?(inspite of thousands of issues and propagandas)…

If we support Cpm or Tmc(habitualy shows the entrance door to Bangladeshis for vote for their party, not hidden)or any such party of any state…those are not the fact...

Fact is- either Rahul’s Congress(latest issues of Rafael)or Bjp(publicly considered as a flawless party)…

Now if we support Bjp, opposition will make issues and propaganda against Bjp…As Bjp is dominating party over any party…This is the reason why Mamta Banerjee and the party stretegically gathered all congress leaders against Bjp to make the environment as if Tmc is the strongest parties of all…

Then, differently, the public got the clue of the ‘visual display’ and hope they realized and decided the actual strength of a party i.e Bjp.

Right or wrong?Let’s see the ‘result’…but to say, someone is promoting Bjp is not be right or apparent truth.