Right or Wrong : what’s the Ugly Truth?

Akshay Dutt Tiwari

Nowadays during election if we make propaganda against Bjp, obviously most people will like our comments on facebook because mostly people focus on outraging the issues of past happenings (demonetisation)instead of the fact coming ahead…Even it seems,they don’t want to listen the fact…

Why I’m saying so?

Fact is, there’s no place for other such loose parties(please don’t take any party personally)…So either Bjp or Rahul’s Congress,for Kendr

Fact is Bjp is the dominating party and other parties are just issues and propaganda making parties according to Bjp,so far…

But they dont want to listen the ‘fact’ coming ahead…Rather they prepare another propaganda to distract public to vote against Bjp,isnt it?

One thing we should always remember that there’s a difference between– issues,propaganda and the fact,especially at the time of elections.

Now if we talk about issues like black money or think of 15 lakhs in our account(taking shape of rumour)out of 100, more than 50 will like our comments on facebook because most of them are crying for the same…They remember the outrage of demonetisation of those times(which was the fact of a particular period)…

The same demonetisation issue will take the shape of propaganda(repetition)until we slap that propaganda by our appropriate response…now come to the fact(we can say- ugly truth).

Here we can raise the question if we don’t know the fact- question during election- which party is coming in the centre?(inspite of thousands of issues and propagandas)…

If we support Cpm or Tmc(habitualy shows the entrance door to Bangladeshis for vote for their party, not hidden)or any such party of any state…those are not the fact...

Fact is- either Rahul’s Congress(latest issues of Rafael)or Bjp(publicly considered as a flawless party)…

Now if we support Bjp, opposition will make issues and propaganda against Bjp…As Bjp is dominating party over any party…This is the reason why Mamta Banerjee and the party stretegically gathered all congress leaders against Bjp to make the environment as if Tmc is the strongest parties of all…

Then, differently, the public got the clue of the ‘visual display’ and hope they realized and decided the actual strength of a party i.e Bjp.

Right or wrong?Let’s see the ‘result’…but to say, someone is promoting Bjp is not be right or apparent truth.


5 thoughts on “Right or Wrong : what’s the Ugly Truth?

  1. plz read my article again if u don’t really know the facts😊then u’ll say urself- “yes,now i come to know the fact even if i’m living abroad”… propaganda is nothing bt the ‘lie’ in another sense for others bt for me propaganda is smtimes true and thats called fact…so u r saying that u don’t know the fact…the only reason is that u see people r rushing unnecessary here and there, i don’t why…hope u understand😊

    u can join me on fb too😊


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